Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And then I compared two pictures...

I saw this this morning, and because I am, in fact, the Queen of Procrastination, it seemed appropriate.  Why, beyond the obvious?  Because I was on Pinterest, looking for some inspiration :)  LOLz

Anyway, back to the subject at hand:
A long time ago (June 6, 2012, to be exact), I took a picture of myself in an outfit I wear often to walk in.  It occurred to me sometime later that it might be fun to continue to take pics of myself in the same outfit over time, for comparison purposes.  So I've been taking this picture ever since, randomly when I happen to be wearing the same clothes.  Yes, the same clothes.  Oddly, they aren't falling off me yet, which would be kind of cool, but suffice it to say they are snug and/or made of magical stretchy things.  Or something.

On February 28, 2013, I happened to be wearing that outfit again, so I took the pic.  And for the first time, I compared it to the original.  I'd been avoiding comparing them - I see them periodically when I scroll through the pics in my phone's photo album, but I really haven't looked closely at them.  It's possible I feared there wouldn't be a noticeable difference, if I'm being honest.

Anyway, if this makes you spontaneously burst into "Baby Got Back," don't feel bad -- I did, too :)
June 6, 234 lbs       vs.       Feb 28, 187 lbs.

Yes, I will post the whole series when I am closer to my goal weight, but for now, this is the wallpaper on my phone because I find it frickin inspiring!

And for some other non-milestone milestones, I have this to share with you:
  • Size 7 underwear is visibly, noticeably smaller than size 9 underwear.  Trust me on this.
  • I finally had to take my wedding ring in to be sized down, because it was about to fall off me.  So yeah, that happened.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow! The Incredible Shrinking Woman! For real!

      You are amazing!

    2. Thanks, Fancy! I'm trying :)

  2. well done! What I find especially inspiring is how you did it, by just moving more. At least from part of the world it sounds as if you still were living and enjoying your life.

    1. Thanks, friend! And thanks for your kind words. It's definitely taken some time, but yes - mostly just walking and continuing to live the rest of my life :)

  3. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! You are freaking awesome! Nice work! The next couple weeks are nutso, but let's walk soon :)

    1. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement, my friend! I really, really appreciate it. And I would LOVE to walk soon! Just say the word. With no notice or 3 weeks' worth :)

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  5. I just wanted to take a moment to post and say that I really enjoy your blog. You are witty and sarcastic and entertaining; the perfect blog trifecta, if you ask me! :) And one more thing that I appreciate is...... your grammar. I know; sad, but true. It's an obsession I have! Thank you for being so inspiring! I saw this post and your before/after pics and they are truly amazing! They remind go on. To keep at it. Thank you for sharing your journey!


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