Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Girl Who Cried Skinny

Two years, huh?  Yup.  Two years.  So ... we've established that I'm a slacker.  Let's also establish this:  I didn't lose anything in the last 2 years except maybe some self-respect.

But ... new things are afoot.  And at the risk of sounding very boy-who-cried-wolf, I am actually losing weight.  In fact, I waited until I'd really lost some before beginning to post again.

The short version is that I downloaded the "loseitapp" to my iPhone in September of 2009.  I used it on and off for about a day at a time over the last few years, but to no avail.  And although the choice to fail was mine and mine alone, it also didn't fit my needs at the time.  In January, a friend told me they'd made several changes to loseit.com, including connecting it to the iPhone app (huge!) and adding a bar code scanner.  Then in April, as we were saying goodbye to my grandmother, I found that my brothers were locked in an epic loseit battle, losing 17 and 20 pounds each.  What?

So ... I'm back on the bandwagon, and I've lost some weight.  I can already feel it in my jeans!  Really!  I read on Pinterest once that you will notice your own weight loss after 4 weeks, your friends will notice after 8 weeks, and the rest of the world will notice after 12.  Whatever I do, I'm not stopping before 12 weeks!  in fact, I don't intend to stop at all until I hit my goal!

My sister told me to take a picture every 10 pounds, so here is 239.5.  I just realized I should note that my official "start weight" on record is 250. So basically, I gained 8 pounds in the interim.  Yay!

Thanks for reading.


  1. And I've just deleted the RSS of your blog in my RSS reader... :) So, back there you are!

    And good luck on your journey!

  2. Yes, good luck! Maybe reading about your journey will inspire me, I hope! I might check out loseit.com, too. :-)

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Sunne - sorry to have been so delinquent, you had to delete my RSS! Hopefully it will be worth you adding me back :)

    Fancy - because I've been "loseiting" with my brothers and sister, I changed the name on my account to just hang with them. This morning I created a new account under my old standard of Antof9. If you DO join, please friend me!

  4. Fancy - in case you come back here (or anyone else is interested too), I've deleted the Antof9 account. I was really surprised that after a single day, I realized it was too much work (or at least work I wasn't interested in doing) for 2 accounts. Sorry about that!


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