Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We all know someone annoying who just loves to work out.  They just GOTTA go for a run, or they NEED to get to the gym, or they feel SO much better after yoga.  Whatevs.  Listen, people - nobody likes you.

Well ... today I became one of those people!  I've been walking with my neighbor in the mornings, around 6:45 - 7:00, and we go for an hour.  I'm kind of impressed with us, actually.  However, at the slightest provocation or with the lamest excuse, we are both willing -- in a heartbeat -- to skip a day.  If one of us can't go, the other never complains about it and just "takes a day off".  Ironic, innit, that I've been "taking days off" for about 20 years, but am willing to do it at the drop of a hat even when I'm finally making progress...

Anyway, today she texted me that she couldn't go because she had too many things to do before work.  I replied immediately, "that's ok - I can totally take a day off."  And then I thought about it for the next several hours.  I even put on regular clothes, but the whole morning I was thinking, "I'd like to go for a walk."  WHAT?!  Who said that?  That's right.  I did! (believe me:  I'm as shocked as you are)  So I finally changed my clothes and went.  I did a short walk -- just a half hour -- but I was so glad I went!  It felt good and I felt good about having gone.

Let me be clear, lest you think I've lost my mind.  It didn't really feel good.  My faux shin splints still kind of hurt, my new shoes push into one of my toe knuckles, I sweat like a pig, the back of my throat was dry, and my neck hurt a little bit.  But still!  I wanted to go, and I went.

Here's what I'm looking forward to, and why it's worth it to keep walking.  I took this pic in Summit County a couple of years ago when we were camping.  This weekend, I'm going up there again, to Breckenridge with some friends.  And we're going to take an easy hike.  I want to walk with them!  And that's it.  For now.

So there you have it:  I'm officially a weirdo.  Yay me :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog with me! FYI, yesterday I drove up to Summit County to check out the 'easy hike' I had in mind. As I was hiking the about one mile (uphill unfortunately) hike, I was thinking about who might not be able to handle this, and you didn't even come to mind. ...on the other hand, the new to the area flatlander from Texas might have a struggle. Hope not though, cause the view of Colorado mountains is worth the sweat... and lack of oxygen. Also, I did it on my wobbly legs from day 2 of Couch-to-5K, so you'll be out running me!

  2. Oh, Tammy, that made my night! Thanks for NOT thinking of me :) It's also reassuring to know there will be a flatlander there (I hope she's not the one who cancelled) I can keep company if I go to slowly :)

    I'm so impressed with you for doing Couch-to-5K! YAY!


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