Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I wasn't looking to lose in my boobs, though

If you've ever lost weight -- any weight at all -- the best thing is the point at which you notice that you're losing.  Not seeing numbers on the scale -- I mean that's great, but -- actually seeing a change in YOU.  It's so great, because it's the reward for all your hard work, right?  It's what you've been working for, it's the literal gratification (rarely instant) for what you did and the choices you made prior to that moment when you stepped onto the scale.

And so today I am down 13 lbs from my high.  Or at least, the highest I ever recorded.  I look in the mirror constantly now.  Not because I'm so vain, but because I want to see change!  And yet, I'm not.  Well, not in my face.  But guess what?  My jeans are getting loose.  Really, honestly loose.  And I noticed my bra is starting to gap.  That part's not so great.  But still.  Something is happening to my body.  YAY!

I saw this on Pinterest months ago: 
  ... and it's been in my head ever since.  Truth be told, lots of things from Pinterest are stuck in my head, like "no matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch" and stuff.  But anyway, I'm waiting, waiting for that elusive 4-week mark when I will look in the mirror and say, "OH YES I AM, BITCHES!"  Or at least, that's what I think I'll say :)

Yay for loose jeans!


  1. Oh boobs are smaller now than before my weight gain/loss cycle.

  2. Frustrating, no? But still ... not a bad problem to have, I suppose :)


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