Thursday, May 17, 2012

I learned something about myself yesterday.  I actually DO have some self-control!  Shock.  See, I knew I was having Taco Salad for dinner.  I knew my small group girls were coming over, I knew that's what we were having, I knew that I eat Taco Salad like a football player, I know I know I know.

Historically, if I'm going to have Taco Salad for dinner, I just have Taco Salad for dinner.  And I eat as much as I want, regardless of what has happened or will happen that day.  But yesterday, I did something very different.  I actually followed and paid attention to my calorie budget on Loseit.  Knowing that I was having Taco Salad, I made sure I walked with my neighbor in the morning.  I made sure I did at least one set of my situp challenge ...

... and I made sure I ate a decent breakfast and a low calorie lunch (2 eggs at lunch - yay!).  So when the time came to serve myself Taco Salad, I didn't just eat half or a quarter of what I usually do -- I had the whole flim-flamming thing!  I mean, I piled up my plate, I had plenty of guacamole, and I didn't really worry about how much I was having.  I just took what I wanted to take.
Honestly, the hardest part was figuring out how to enter it all on Loseit!

Anyway, I'm happy thrilled to report that although I'm not "down" again today; NOR AM I UP!  I'm the exact same weight I was yesterday morning when I woke up.  And I walked with my neighbor today, and I ate a decent breakfast, and I even took my brother's advice and "walked during a long phone call" - I was on a conference call a bit ago where I walked (around my upstairs) for THIRTY MINUTES!  Yay me!

That Taco Salad didn't derail anything.  It didn't hurt me.  And it didn't defeat me.  And I enjoyed it!  Yay for learning something about myself.  A good something :)


  1. Way to go! Will be following your journey and encouraging you from afar. I am going to start once I wean Patrick.... watch this space.
    HElen aka nice-cup-of-tea in Zurich

  2. That's exactly how food should be, enjoyable, and that's exactly how we should go about eating what we enjoy, without guilt.

  3. Right? I honestly didn't do that before actually seeing what I was eating/using/etc on Loseit. I'm finding it's so helpful in terms of "I've taken in X; I can do Y". Funny that math, in the end, may be the thing that helps me the most! LOL

  4. I followed this sort of rule today. I know we are at different points in our journey but yesterday and today I worked my arse off in my gf's yard - chopping branches, bushes, burning things, mowing, etc. Tonight I was staaaarving. I demolished the nachos grande at the baseball field. Because I could.

  5. YAY! I love "because you could". Because you can. Love you!


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