Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clothing Sizes, Schmothing Sizes

I mentioned recently that I was down a clothing size.  That might not be wholly truthful.  Here are the facts:  I have completely graduated to a new (tighter) row of bra clasps on all of my bras.  That's for real (and awesome).  The jeans I've been buying from Old Navy that I never, ever dried because they shrink too much in the length are too dang baggy to wear more than twice out of the washer.  And I've started drying them.  They're shrinking in length, but it's summer and I'm wearing flats, or I give 'em a big cuff and head out into the world (like that -->).  And I've started wearing multiple pieces that I'd stopped wearing because they were too tight or looked awful.  So maybe not a whole clothing size, but ...

Speaking of clothes and what you do when you're losing weight, I talked to my sister about this the other day.  We actually came up with a good list of rules for How to Shop/What to Do with Your Clothes When You're in the Middle of Losing Weight and Not at Your Goal Weight.  That title could probably use a little work.

  1. Wear what you have as long as you possibly can.
  2. Buy a belt.
  3. Go through your closet - you might find some old clothes you stopped wearing on the way up that you can now fit into again.
  4. Shop at Walmart, Goodwill, or any other place where a single item doesn't cost much.
  5. As you bring each new piece into the house, treat it as a replacement piece.  That is, toss or donate or give to a friend something already in your closet.  Something from your Omar the Tentmaker Collection.  Something you will NEVER WEAR AGAIN.  Seriously, if you haven't heard the "get rid of your fat clothes" mantra, you live under a rock.  But do it.
  6. If you DO spend money on clothes, consider something you can dress up or down.  When you dress up is when you'll most prefer that your clothes fit best.

I'm finding that this is more than a weight loss thing for me.  It's also a decluttering thing ... on multiple levels.  Psych 101 enrollees could have a field day with me.


  1. A few years ago, I got tired of my "skinny" clothes taking up space. I finally decided that those clothes were from when I was young, and realistically, I'd never be that small again. Out they went, all of them. What I have now are my big clothes and a few medium things. I can wear my medium things now. So, I have a couple (seriously, just a couple of things that I missed in the cleanout) of things that fit and look good. The rest are like sacks. At the rate I'm going, even my mediums will be too big in a few months.

    I will never, ever again throw out skinny clothes. I've proven to myself that anything is possible in that area! ;-)

  2. It's such a conundrum, isn't it? One of the things I realized about 5 years ago was that the really small clothes I had kept would not even be in style if I COULD fit into them! That's when I got rid of a bunch of stuff. The stuff I still have around I would actually wear if I fit into it. But how annoying that must be to think you got rid of stuff you could be wearing now! Oy!

    Good for you for losing so much already, though. Yay!


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