Saturday, August 18, 2012

My family is silly

As a sort of continuation of thoughts on yesterday's post, and because my brothers crack me up, here's an exchange from May when we were discussing exactly what we were eating.  It started with my comment that if I only ever stayed in my own house and never went anywhere else to eat, it was a lot easier to manage my calories.

Brothers are M1 and M2.  Sister is T.

M2:  Loseit doesn't care about the "health" of your diet. My first thought about Loseit was, "Cool, I can eat 1800 calories of twizzlers and lose weight." FYI (as if you don't know) you can select the "nutrition" option and it will collect data into some nutritional categories. Don't believe anything you read about timing of eating or carbs vs protein or anything else. When it comes to weight loss the only thing that counts is calories in and calories out. The other stuff only affects your health and well-being.

Basically - you are a bank account: you make deposits and withdrawls and the balance changes accordingly.

I suppose non-calore considerations could be considered the interest rate on your Loseit account. If you eat healthy, your rate of weight loss *may* go up by a small percentage.

Me:   You're funny. And I would like to eat 1800 calories of Twizzlers.

M1:  continuing this excellent analogy, some eating establishments are like lenders. They try to hide their calories or ultimate costs. McDonalds is Household Finance. Easy to get, short term gratifying, highly expensive long term. Getting money from a private equity firm is like going to a great restaurant that features really good but healthy fresh food. It takes longer, costs more up front, and keeps you very lean.

M2 is right, it is just the net. If you were raised by (our mom) you will not get the nutrition so messed up that you will hurt yourself. Additionally, you can't make yourself feel full without eating sort of right, or facing digestive challenges.

M2:  I do like the Asian Chicken salad at Panera since it is 400 something calories and takes a long time to eat and pretty much fills you up. And it tastes good.

T:  Ant, that would be 45 twizzlers - 15 at b-fast, lunch, and dinner.  M1 - next thing out of your mouth will be "i have to have something green. where is the salad?"

Me:  I love you crazy people.

August, 1991
This ----->>

... is because all blog entries are better with pictures.  That's my sis on the left and me on the right (high-waisted dress shorts FTW!) at one of my bridal showers :)

("why a pic of your bridal shower?" you ask.  Because we just celebrated our 21st anniversary last week, of course!)

((um ... my husband and I; not my sister and I.))


  1. This convo made my head hurt LOL.

    I would probably eat 1800 calories of Sour Patch kids, I love those things and NO FAT so that should meet SOME nutritional goal right!?

    Oh and you need to pull those high waisted shorts back out! I bet they're back in style!

    1. I know, right? That conversation is how it is every other year at Christmas :)

      Yes! Fat free Sour Patch kids! Woo hoo! Can you imagine how much water you'd have to drink to eat all those? Hey - that would help increase your water intake! Think how healthy we'd be!

      Do you know, I think I might actually still have those. They were a fave. LOL


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