Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Changing sizes, changing seasons

I learned a valuable lesson this past week:  don't make fun of women who wear yoga pants, even if it's clear they haven't been doing yoga.  Why?  Because I almost wore yoga pants to the circus.  Why did I almost wear yoga pants to the circus (and more importantly, why did I GO to the circus?)?  I'll tell you.

First snow of 2012:  October 5
Regular readers (and anyone clicking on the history in the sidebar) will be able to figure out that I started losing weight over the summer (23 weeks ago today, in fact, is "how long I've been working at this").  In general, I don't wear long pants during the summer, so you can imagine my concern when we got snow on Friday morning.  Not that the weatherfolk hadn't been predicting it; they were surprisingly accurate about this one.  And just for the record, I LOVE SNOW!  But that's not the point.  So ... I got up that morning, I worked all day (have I mentioned I work from home?  I do.  That might be helpful to know), and then I got in the shower about 25 minutes before I was supposed to leave.  None of this should have been a problem except that when I got out of the shower, I realized there actually was a problem.  I have no pants that fit me for this weather!  Seriously, do I have a single pair of long jeans I can wear?  In about 10 seconds flat I pull on 4 different pair of jeans, none of which fit.  And I'm not just talking a little loose here - I mean full-on I cannot wear them in public!  That is, if I took a step, they'd fall down.  And every one of them could be pulled on and off without the aid of the zipper.  And I don't own any belts that fit me (I own plenty of belts that fit a smaller person).

Yes, yes, I know - file this under #firstworldproblems.

Nonetheless, I still can't go out in public like this!  So here is where "I almost wore yoga pants to the circus" comes in.  My friend Scotty wanted to go to the circus for her birthday.  So to the circus we were going.  Except I had no pants.  I'd already put 4 really cute jeans in the pile for the consignment shop and was seriously considering a pair of yoga pants that I knew were long enough AND wouldn't fall off when I saw a pair of jeans I had taken to NYC at the end of April.  Perhaps these would work?  Well, they were big too (and got more loose as the night went on), but they would work.  I pulled them on, added a baggy sweater, and ran down the stairs.  It's true someone could have easily pantsed me that night, but I learned a valuable lesson.  If yoga pants are all that fits, that might be what you wear out of the house.  And I, for one, shall not mock someone in them at the grocery store again.

Special note:  lest you think I am a clotheshorse loaded with thousands of pairs of jeans, please note that I have jeans in every shape and size of the clothing spectrum (well, every size of the "big girl" spectrum), and I just blew through a whole bunch of jeans I'd only worn once (some not at all!) on my way up to 250 and then back down.  *sigh* 


  1. Time to go shopping! Celebrate your smaller size!

    1. So exciting, right? But I don't want to spend any money now on something I won't be wearing very long. I've become oddly miserly :)

  2. I know the miserly thing. I have become quite fond of the local consignment shop. Take in some hardly worn clothes and get some back on the cheap, sometimes for free because I sold some!

    1. I just did that yesterday! Made another $45 from the consignment shop. Yay us!


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