Tuesday, October 2, 2012

There's Truth, and then there's Driver's License Truth

In general, I'd guess that most people don't weigh what their driver's license says.  I am no exception to the average person's desire not to put his or her actual weight on that card.  Except ... I don't weigh more than  my license says; I WEIGH LESS!  Yeah, that's a first for sure.  Who EVER says they weigh more than they do?  (maybe wrestlers trying to fight up a class?  or down a class?  or whatever, but certainly no one normal)

I remember getting my very first driver's license.  I was in high school in Germany, and came back to the States for Driver's Ed.  It worked out well because the whole family came over for my oldest brother's wedding ... and then I lived with them (the summer?  a couple months?) while I took Driver's Ed and used my new SIL's car.  If you re-read the preceding sentences, you'll put 2 and 2 together and come up with:  yes, newlyweds let someone live with them IMMEDIATELY AFTER GETTING MARRIED.  Wow, that was nice of them.  I can't even imagine how they felt.  "Hey, how about our first summer of marriage, we have my sister live with us?"  If I'm my generous and long-suffering sister-in-law, I'm all:  "Um.  No."  But she didn't, and I did.  I'm pretty sure I still owe them a thank you card for that.

Anyway, it's possible that on that first (right turns only, no parallel parking requiremed test) North Dakota-issued Driver's License, my weight was correct.  It might have even been correct on the International Driver's License I got in Germany when I turned 16 that September.  But I'm pretty sure those were the last official documents that had the right weight on them.  Oh sure, it might have only been off by 5 or 10 pounds after that, but still; I'm fairly certain I never said my actual weight after that.  Does anyone?  And why does it matter?

Anyway, when I walk by myself, my husband insists that I take ID, so the other day I happened to glance down at my license, and I noticed ... that I passed it 5 pounds ago!  What a joke!  My whole (quasi-grown-up) life, I've been saying I weighed less than I did, and now my license says I weigh 5 pounds more!  Ha.

The thing that makes me go "hmmm ..." the most?  To think back to when when I thought "215" was a good thing to say. 


  1. I think I fudge on my height...

    1. So you don't get pulled over for not being able to reach the pedals :)

  2. It's funny how those information gets manipulated sometimes. Our height, our weight, and even our address. Some people even try to pose on their picture thinking that it won't look like them, haha! But the important thing, after all, is being able to drive safely regardless of what's in the license :)


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