Thursday, August 1, 2013

A cough drop is a weird taste in the summer

Have you ever had a summer cold?  I'm sure I have, but I really don't remember anything like this past week.  I learned salad tastes terrible when you have a cold (seriously, where is my won ton soup?), and cough drops taste weird when you're wearing shorts.  And you still want to be totally covered up at night, so then you sweat.  And don't get me started on going to bed when it's still light out!  If you go to bed at 7:00 at night in the winter, at least it's already dark.  But this week?  It's just all weird.

Oh, and it's been raining here.  Which is good (here's why, if you don't know).  But doesn't make me feel any
better.  It did, however, garner me this awesome umbrella shot which I'm including for no other reason than "it's pretty."

This is the most I haven't worked out since I started.  I mean, since my neighbor and I started walking on weekdays last year, I have been a regular worker outer.  Over time, I added weekend workouts even though I was going by myself.  I even did two-a-days sometimes!  And even when it's been difficult to fit a workout in or find a workout location, I still don't think I've gone more than 2 consecutive days without a workout since May 2 of 2012.  And those days "off" I took -- the ones I can think of?  They were Christmas and the week I did the Seattle Half Marathon and the week we just had in Kauai.

And so we're back to this:  I want to work out and can't!  Which sounds as weird to the Girl Who Cried Skinny as it might to you.  What do you do when you want to work out and can't?  What do you think when you see that sentence?  It's rather mind-blowing to me, if I'm honest.

Great thing is I got on the stationary bike a little while ago and did 40 minutes.  Nothing to boast about, but I have to admit it felt good for the first time in 5 days :)


  1. I wish I had even a fraction of your energy! Care to share? ;)

    1. LOL! I wish we were neighbors -- then we could just knock on each other's doors and get walking :)


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