Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 14: someone at the Colorado Dept of Labor has a sense of humor

I finally completed the application for unemployment.  As you might imagine, it's very, very bureaucratic and government-flavored.  First, I had to prove I was looking for a job by registering for work in Colorado.  Then, I could actually apply for unemployment.  Of course, I had some questions (like, as a telecommuter, was I paid "in Colorado", or "in the state my firm was located"?), so I had to speak to someone and couldn't do it online (but props to the Dep't of Labor for making it possible to register online!).  Just to get your brain around the sheer volume of calls, I called multiple times and each time got a recording that no one was available ... and to please try calling back in 2 hours.  LOL

So after trying that many, many times, I finally got through to a new version of the recording, and sure enough, it said my wait time could be as much as 30 minutes.  Who cares?  I want to apply, no?  At some point while I was on hold, I realized that I knew the song I was listening to:  Oh, Happy Day.

Today I am thankful for:
Being done, at least temporarily, with reading documentative documents.

Current weight:

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