Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Even though I live in America, Land of Too Much Information, I'm still fascinated by things I see happening to my body as I lose weight.  For example, effective this morning, I am down 19 pounds, which makes me only a half pound more than I weighed in November 2009 after having pneumonia.  I lost 18 pounds at that time to drop to 230.5.  Interestingly, I really don't think my clothes fit any differently back then.  Granted, I was wearing sweats and baggy t-shirts, but I evidently put that weight back on as fast as I could, once food started tasting good again.  What's most interesting to me, though, is that I wasn't exercising then (I couldn't even climb stairs!), and so although that weight came off, I don't think I looked the slightest bit different, and I don't think my body shape was affected at all.  This time around, I'm walking daily (sometimes twice!), attempting situps, and a few other things.  It's definitely making a difference.

Y'know, I'd like to run, or go pump a lot of iron, but really?  Walking is all I need right now.  I feel confident that I will be ready for another step soon (yesterday, I went for a second, evening walk, even though my neighbor and I had done more than 4 miles in the AM).  But for now, walking is getting it done.  Let that be an encouragement to you.  If you think you can't do anything to get in shape, you can walk.  Start slowly, and increase your pace and/or distance.  You can do this!  If I can; you can :)

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