Thursday, June 14, 2012

Post-Pneumonia Weight: 230.5

Today I was excited to get out of bed and weigh myself.  What is this world coming to?  But yes, I wanted to weigh myself because I knew I was close to my "last low".  And here it is.  What I weighed after Hamthrax + Pneumonia in 2009.

As far as I'm concerned, the rest is gravy.  Wait; that's not what I mean.  I mean this was a benchmark for me -- a benchmark I wanted (desperately) to be below.  Since it's a number I'd hit before ... and quickly bounced back from, I felt like this was something I urgently needed to get to, and then get below.

As I was on my second (!) walk this AM with a good friend, I was telling her some of the things I look forward to about being skinny (or slim, or even just not fat).  Of course, the top of the list is (and has always been):
  • Cute clothes.  Seriously.  I love cute clothes.  And I'm so, so tired of not wearing them for the last ... 20 years.
  • I know my husband would like me to be lighter.  I know it.
  • Not being out of breath walking from the parking lot to church on Sundays (sure, it's an incline in elevation, but really?  I shouldn't be out of breath from that).
  • No back fat.  Dang, I am tired of that perma-crease back there!
  • Knees feeling better.
  • Cute boots (yes, it could go under cute clothes, but the day I don't have to look at wide-calf boots will be a celebration indeed!).
  • Wearing skirts!  I used to have nice legs.  What happened?
  • Not thinking about obesity contributing to arthritis.
  • Not thinking about obesity contributing to a whole list of cancers (if I get cancer because I get cancer ... well, that's cancer.  If I get cancer because I'm fat?  That is a WHOLE OTHER PROBLEM).  Seriously.  As many as 51 % of new cancer cases diagnosed in women are linked to obesity.  If that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.
  • Not thinking about obesity contributing to sleep problems.  I love sleep!
  • Not wondering if I'll get diabetes.
  • No fear of leaving my darling husband a young widower.  Well, at least not because I was fat.
And the list goes on.  There are more -- lots more reasons I don't want to be overweight, and the list changes on a daily basis.  But this is as good a start as any :)

Food for thought:  have you ever noticed that slim people look cute no matter what they wear?  My friend and I were talking about that, too.  That a t-shirt & jeans on a slim person looks put together in a way it will never look on a bigger girl.  Like this:

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