Monday, June 18, 2012

Crazypants + Park Yoga!

I had high hopes for finally being at that First 20 Pounds Milestone by today, but I'm not.  A little disappointing, but I'm not giving up.  Not now; not ever.

However, what is interesting/fascinating/not normal is that even though I'm not at the grand 230; I am now a person who gets some sort of exercise EVERY DAY, and sometimes ... more than once a day.  I know!  It's crazy as a banana sandwich, and many of you are thinking, "who are you and what have you done with Ant?"

But it's true.  I walk with my neighbor every weekday.  We're up to at least 4 miles a day, give or take.  And several days last week, I went on a second walk.  Today after walking, I went to Yoga in the Park.  I can't say enough good things about this.  It was beautiful and shaded (which was a good thing, because after my walk this morning, I couldn't stop sweating enough to put sunscreen on my face!), relaxing and stretching, and worshipful.  It was the perfect thing today.  And look at the view from my yoga mat!  So pretty :)

I'd been thinking for a while that all the walking was fabulous, but I'm starting to hunch.  I feel like my muscles (ha!  I have muscles) are getting all bunchy and Igor-like and I'm nowhere near as flexible as I was before I was walking.  Yoga today was the perfect antidote.  I'm all elongated and stuff now.

Oh, and over the weekend?  My husband said he was proud of me.  So there's that :)

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