Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Progress, redux

I posted yesterday a victorious "progress" post.  Let me elaborate.  Fellow losers of weight will understand exactly how these things feel.  People who have never had to try will not get it, but that's ok :)

  • I'm down 16 pounds.  It's not quite the lowest I've been since I've been this size, but it's close.  It's certainly one of the lowest.  That day will come when I weigh what I weighed the year I had pneumonia.
  • On Sunday, I put on a pair of capris that had been loose the previous time I wore them.  This time, it was ridiculous.  They weren't quite falling off, but they were also not really wearable in public.  The good news (I hope) is that I've never dried them before (tall girls don't dry their pants, you know), so I'm hoping the dryer will shrink them and I can continue wearing them for a bit.  I really like those pants :)
  • Yesterday on my morning walk, I realized when we were in the middle of the longest incline that previously, it had been a daunting incline.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that the last time we did that particular walk, I had to stop twice on that hill.  Was I sweaty and breathing heavily?  Sure.  But I didn't stop!
  • I ordered some workout skorts in my normal 18-20 size from Lane Bryant.  They're TOO BIG!  YAY!  What a shame I have to send them back.
  • In that "14-day abs" thing I posted earlier, you may have noticed it says to do a plank for 25 seconds.  You should know that I view this as one of the worst kinds of torture.  Except for the last 3 days, I've actually DONE A TWENTY-FIVE SECOND PLANK!  And held it!  So, there's that. 
  • The shirt I have on in the picture below I wore today for our walk.  It's a little loose in the pic because that's when I got it and it hadn't been washed yet.  I've also gained weight since then, so ... well, you get it.  It was too tight to wear.  It's loose now.  For realz.

Anyway, "progress" is perhaps the greatest motivator at this point.  Except I also want to be skinny and wear cute clothes.  But for now, progress is fab.

Oh, and there's this roll/section of back fat that I used to not be able to uncrease without just bending all the way over and touching the floor.  Now I can uncrease it by standing up straight!


  1. All of these things are fabulous milestones! I had goal-clothes because my friend had given me a bag of her daughter's old clothes. I started Friday try-days. I would try all of the stuff on every Friday. It went from 'If I try to stuff myself into this shirt/pair of pants/dress, I will tear it' to 'Hmm. I can get into this. It looks awful and it feels worse but I can get into it.' to 'Wow, this fits!' to (with most of it!) 'This is now too loose to wear!!' I'm so proud of you, my friend!

  2. Oh, Erica, that is fabulous! Yay you and Friday Try-Day! I should do that -- at minimum, it would clean out my closet!

    Thanks for your encouragement :)


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