Thursday, June 28, 2012


WOO HOO!  I AM TWENTY POUNDS LIGHTER!  Tuesday was a very exciting day.  I was finally down 20 whole pounds.  W00T!  I also used my grocery backpack, AND I met friends for tea in a sleeveless shirt.  These are things I never would have done at 250.

So to start, have I mentioned that my brothers are both on  They are :)  One of them got so excited about me being able to walk to my grocery store that he ordered a grocery backpack for me.  LOL.  Tuesday morning, I used it.   The right-hand pics are before I left the house, so it's empty.  In the one where I'm pointing to the Safeway sign, it's serving a purpose.  I bought two boxes of Puffs Plus and a large container of peanuts.  That's in the top "dry goods" section.  In the "thermal" compartment are the doughnuts my neighbor bought to take back home :)  (don't tell my brother that's what was in there)

So that was fun, and yay! I can buy groceries and packhorse them home (yeah, I verbed it).

But the real big news of the day for me was the big Two Oh!  I am down 20 pounds.  And since my sister said to take a pic every 10 pounds, here it is.  Ironically, I think my face looks rounder in this shot than the 239.5 pic below, but whatevs.

Also?  I actually went out in public in a sleeveless top (<-- this one).  I honestly don't remember the last time I did that.  Maybe 15 years ago?  It certainly wasn't recently.  It helped that it was a gazillion degrees out, I suppose.

So there you have it - a milestone post.  Yay!

Of course, I have never wanted to weigh 229 so much in my life.  What an odd desire :)


  1. you are doing so well! Congrats adn your hair looks partic lovely in that photo :-)

  2. Just catching up on my blog reading and I have to say, yours is one I make a priority of getting to before I run out of time. You are so inspiring to me! Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, friends! It's really, REALLY appreciated :)

  4. Your hair is utterly gorgeous in this pic. People spend lots of money down the hairdresser's trying to get anything near resembling that look.

    Keep up the good work!

    Deborah (drutt)

    1. Deborah, I totally missed this comment! And how sweet are you? Thanks for your kind words -- they made my day, lo these many months later :)


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