Wednesday, July 11, 2012

File it under "First World Problems"

I am thrilled to be losing weight -- thrilled.  However, working out regularly and losing weight have created some unique issues.  Well, issues that are unique to me, anyway.  Certainly they are things I've never dealt with or even thought of before.

Things like...

  • doing laundry a lot more often.  I have lots of workout clothes, but only a few that I actually like to wear.  So if I'm walking with my neighbor or by myself (which is basically seven times a week; sometimes more), I need pockets for my iPhone (which houses both my music and the MapMyWalk app) and Puffs Plus (why does my nose run when I walk?).  In terms of my existing workout wardrobe, I have 3 bottoms and one top with acceptable pockets, so once I've gone on four walks, I need to do laundry.
  • I recently texted my sister to ask, "once there's less of me, will I use less lotion when I get out of the shower?"  Her answer, "of course!" was technically accurate, but here's what I've realized:  while the quantity per use is definitely less, the amount of showers I'm taking is actually much greater, so in fact I'm using more lotion :)
  • ... which makes me think I'm using a lot more water.  Between the aforementioned showers and more often laundry, I'm guessing our water bill will go up.  Sorry, Colorado :(
  • being comfortable with dirty and/or "not fixed" hair.  I just don't have the energy/time to wash my hair and fix it every time I shower.  I just don't (remember the title of this post, please).  The good thing is that I can actually see a bit of the weight loss in my face, so I don't mind wearing a pony tail as much as I used to.  Once I gained ... well, as much weight as I had, I realized that my big round pumpkin face didn't look that great with my hair in a ponytail :)  Now that it's not quite so round, a pony is fine, and so fixing my hair isn't quite as big a priority as it used to be.
  • Prior to this whole "walking every day" thing, I tried to let a pedicure "go" as long as possible.  That is, rather than having a pedicure every two weeks, let's say, I'd stretch it out as long as I could, and only get another one when I absolutely had to (this is strictly a monetary issue; I'd love to get them weekly, to be honest!).  "When I had to" was generally "when my heels were a problem" and not when my polish was chipping.  I've rarely had to get a pedi because my nails were chipped -- it's just that my heels are a big problem.  And now that has reversed.  It seems walking regularly, in shoes, chips toenail paint.  Who knew?
  • had to buy a new water bottle, because hiking for 6.5 miles requires more than one measly water bottle, and sometimes one needs to be in the dishwasher.
  • have to buy more paper towels because when I get home from a walk I immediately rinse my face in the sink (and dry off with two paper towels) so I don't get one of those weird sun things on my upper lip that I call leprosy/zombie crud.
So basically, I have a hard life :)  Don't get fat, kids - the getting un-fat is HARD!


  1. I'm proud of you. But at least your new pants that you just bought last month don't fall down to your knees in the middle of Earth Fare.

  2. Have you ever heard of these things called "belts"?

  3. This silly thing called "fashion" interfered with it on these pants. No belt-loops-- going for that smooth look skinny girls like us do all the time.

  4. One of the big mysteries of life: Why does my nose run when I run?

    1. LOL! I have no idea, but mine does EVERY TIME! Crazy.


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