Friday, July 13, 2012

Heavy groceries are heavy

So you've lost a little weight, huh?  And you start to get cocky and think you can do a 4-mile walk to the grocery store after a 3-mile walk with your neighbor, right?  And you decide you're such a beast that you can carry a LOT of groceries in your grocery backpack, don't you? (evidence -->)

And then your knees and ankle hurt a little bit while you're walking back and that final 2 miles home kind of kicks your butt.

But you're such a stud that you go ahead and walk another 4 miles the next day (because you can), except that then your ankle really hurts and it's kind of swollen and it's hard to locate your ankle bone.  So when your neighbor says she can't walk the day after that, you breathe a sigh of relief and don't go either.

Which is all ok because a day off here or there in a successful 10-week run is actually pretty stinking good, and you know what's reassuring?  The fact that the entire day you were taking off, you were thinking, "I could still do a short walk today, probably."  Because you have a sickness -- the best kind of sickness.  And that's a good thing -- WANTING to go and work out again is what "those" people do and say and you've always thought they were a little touched in the head to say things like that. But now you're one of them, and it's a Most Excellent Thing.

And then, even though you didn't walk the day before, you get this in the mail the next day from, and it makes you inordinately happy :)


  1. Congratulations! I hope your ankle gets better soon and it's not anything serious.

  2. Thanks! I wore a brace to walk today. It hurts a little, but not enough to stop me (yet) :)


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