Monday, July 16, 2012

Pics ... not quite ready for Pinterest

Yesterday, I stumbled on a weight loss blog (Jen's Journey) that had some really impressive before & after pictures.  I skimmed and read for quite a while, and I realized that I really like seeing pictures of people in their blogs!  The other thing I realized was that although she has a good set of "before & afters", and lots of current pics of her darling self, I didn't see (or didn't go back far enough maybe?) very many in-the-middle-of-it pics.  So I apologize in advance if you don't really prefer that many pics in your blogs, but I'm probably going to be doing more :)

And so I present to you something I did with an oversized tank-top yesterday (the orange one I have on in yesterday's post, and again this morning:  The "fashion an oversized (and frankly obscene) tank top into a racerback" DIY project:

I don't know about you, but I have quite a few (more than I was aware of, actually) big tank tops.  Ironic that they're called tank tops, actually, because these were designed for tanks, I think.  Anyway, some of them were big even before I started losing weight (you know that whole "camouflage your weight with baggy, loose clothing" thing?), so big that I often wore them backwards so they weren't inappropriate for wearing in public.  But my neighbor keeps asking me why I don't wear a tank top to walk in (it's so VERY. VERY. hot here lately), and yesterday I pulled one out of a pile and thought I'd try this tie thing.  It worked great!  Sadly, the new sports bras I bought aren't racerback (see pic), but I don't really care.  I'm so happy I can wear the tanks and not be indecent that I thought I'd show you my "re-fashion".  No -- you probably won't see this on Pinterest any time soon, but it worked for me!

In other clothing news, I found a pair of underwear that are too big to wear anymore.  That's a first, and one I'd been wondering if it would ever happen!


  1. you are doing great - I am loving these posts! You are inspirnig me to finally think about shifting the 10 kg baby weight (once I stop bfeeding!) You would recommend loseit then?

  2. ps the last comment was me Helen, aka nice-cup-of-tea!

  3. Thanks Helen! I definitely recommend loseit! I can't say enough good things about it. However I will give you a disclaimer - it's very Ameri-centric. Since you're in Foreign, that might matter :) All the default measurements are in American weights of measure (except a few random things that have "gram" options), and I believe the pre-loaded food database is all American. So although I'd give it an unequivocal recommendation to another American, it's possible you might want to try another one. Since I'm sure they're all fairly similar (myplate on the Livestrong site, myfitnesspal, etc.), perhaps there's a more Euro-friendly one out there. I can tell you this - a friend in Canada (you may know her as BookCrosser Dawni) has been using MyFitnessPal, and loves it. She recently blogged about it here.

    Either way, good luck! I know you can do it - you've done it before :) (and yay for babies, by the way!)

  4. This is probably the only case where big bottoms are something of which to be proud!

  5. BWA HA HA! Yes, Czukie, that's true :)


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