Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cause and Effect

Since I'm not really buying new clothing right now - trying to make do with what I have and pieces that were too small but I'd kept on hand - I am now obsessed with new workout clothes.  I think about them all the time.  I mean, ALL THE TIME.  Ok, maybe not really, but I think about new workout clothes a lot.  And I've become fixated on running skorts (and yes, I'm still a walker).  I want  a running skort -- I want I want I want.

And so, I've tried some.  I bought some from Lane Bryant in size 18-20 and they were too big!  Really too big!  So I ordered two more in 14-16.  They looked super cute if I just stood still in front of the mirror and posed, but it turns out when I walked, the shorts rode up ... and they were sort of obscene.  So I returned those.  I was convinced the shorts just weren't tight enough and/or my thighs were just too big for them, or they wouldn't have rubbed together and made the shorts ride up, but my neighbor said this morning, "if the shorts weren't tight enough, that means your thighs are smaller than that size.  Not bigger!"  Oh.  Duh.  I'm so used to thinking of myself as "big" that I can't even make accurate assessments about clothing any more?  Oy.

Anyway, I returned those two and tried a different brand.  In this one, the shorts were actually tight enough (they even had a small band at the bottom) that they stayed down, but they (and the skirt) were just too short.  For someone with jiggly thighs, wearing something that short was Not. Comfortable.  So I returned that one.  And so it came to pass that 2 days ago when walking with my neighbor, I said that as much as I really wanted to wear a skort, it seemed they just weren't for me, and maybe I'd just need to wait for some more time (and poundage) to pass.

And then yesterday I logged back in to Zappos.  Because I'm obsessed.  And I read a ton of reviews and found one that might actually be a little longer than the majority of the ones I'd been seeing.  And because Zappos is Made of Awesome and has free shipping (both ways!), I thought I'd order a couple and see if any of them worked.  AND ONE DID!  I wore it this morning, and you be the judge:

Cute new running skort = Fastest time with neighbor to date
11.5 minute miles (that's 5 MPH!).

*my legs not pictured

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