Monday, July 23, 2012

So you want to try walking, huh?

Here's how bossy I am:  the other day I posted a comment on a complete stranger's blog, encouraging her to take up walking :)  I told you I had become one of those people!  So here I am, crusading for good, and I think I actually have some good advice to dole out (heck, I've always been bossy).  So here's some of what I said to her, and some additional embellishment:

Get Moving
most exciting blog pic EVAH
Here's my suggestion (for what it's worth): Before you go to bed tonight, lay out clothes to go walking in. A t-shirt, pair of shorts or sweats, undies, bra and socks. Put your walking shoes by the front door. Then set your alarm for just 30 minutes earlier than usual. When you get up tomorrow, put those clothes on and walk for 20 minutes. That's it! Just do that. I promise you won't be sorry -- really! Then do it again the next night. Do it for a week or two (even just 3x a week) and I bet you can increase by 5 minutes. Keep doing it! Soon (maybe not in 2 weeks, but in 3 or 4) you'll actually WANT to get up earlier, so you can walk longer. Or you'll be motivated to do it at the end of the day, even if you're tired. I encourage you to give it a go. All I'm doing is walking, and I've already become addicted to it! I'm only on week 12, and I seriously can't stand the days I don't go, even if it's for a legitimate reason!

Helpful Music
yeah, I like musicals
I attempted creating a "walking" playlist once, and realized I had no idea what would or wouldn't work for me.  Solution?  Move my entire music library (minus Christmas music!) into my Walking playlist.  I'll give you another hint - this next part was good for when I was slow and just starting out.  I needed as many breaks as possible!  Turn on your walking playlist (alpha order is easiest for editing), and start walking.   If the first song is good for walking, keep going.  If it's not a good walking song, or not motivational, or irritates you because of bad grammar, edit it out of the playlist on the spot.  This doesn't remove it from your library, but it will no longer be in your walking playlist.  Keep going.  Repeat.  It will take some time (or a lot, depending on your library), but it's worth it in the end.  You never know what actually works for walking - and you might be surprised at things you'd have left out had you not done it this way.  Another tip?  Playing a song list in alphabetical order often adds a bit of whimsy to your day.  The other day I went from the Footloose theme song to a song by Salvador to Rosemary Clooney's "Get Me to the Church on Time" to Sammy Hagar's "The Girl Gets Around".  If that doesn't make you grin, I don't know what will :)

Workout clothes
You might actually want to spend money on some workout clothes.  Not a lot, and nothing fancy.  Really!  But as I've mentioned before, I realized I have to have pockets (maybe you don't).  That way, I have a place for my phone (which is also my iPod) and kleenexes.  I put my key on my shoelace every morning, and I carry my water.  I'd love to be hands-free, but I'm not quite ready to be the girl walking with a Camelbak, you know?  Seriously, though - although I did spend a lot of money on the aforementioned running skort, I only spent $13 at Old Navy for two pair of yoga pants.  What I've spent the most on is workout bras and new tennis shoes.  At first, I was hesitant to spend money on anything, because who knew if I'd keep this up?  Would I actually continue?  I am, after all, the Girl Who Cried Skinny.  But I did and I am.  Don't go overboard, but make sure you can actually do what you are setting out to do.  Oh, and buy socks.  I've gone through a lot of socks!

That's a lot of me talking.  What has helped you in your quest?


  1. You're great encouragement and motivation! I know I should walk, but 1.It's too hot 2. It's too humid 3. My knees hurt (if I get some weight off, they won't hurt as much, I know) 4. and the biggest obstacle, I'm lazy!

    I used to walk. I want to get back into it, just not enough. Yet.

  2. Oh Fancy, I have felt the same way about both my knees and my ankles lately! But I also know that sitting around won't help me either :) I'm thankful it's not humid here, because it is definitely HOT! When we started walking in May, we left around 8:00 or so. Then we started leaving between 7 and 8, and the last two walks? Started at 6:30 & 6:45. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to it being a tiny bit cooler :)

  3. Fancy, I was just on the Panorama Orthopedics website, looking for an appointment to have the doc look at my foot/ankle again, and I stumbled on this. Thought of us both:

    Before you begin a training program, assess your current fitness level. It’s not unusual to have added a few extra pounds since your last training period. Be aware that a few more pounds means additional stress on your joints and other parts of your body, so easing into a training program is a good idea.

  4. Thanks for this. I will certainly keep you and your inspiration in mind if/when I ever do start walking agaain. I'm pretty sure I will.



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