Friday, August 3, 2012

Yeah, I made that.

I almost forgot to blog about this!  See this sidewalk?  I made it!
Left: from the west/Right: from the east

Ok, that might not be totally true.  But there's a space of land my neighbor and I like to walk on that goes from our neighborhood to a dog park along a busy street.  Part of it has a nice, wide shoulder/bike lane, but part of it (this part) just had really tall weeds and a trail the width of a bicycle tire.  It basically made a really nice walk not so nice (and made me worry for both my ankle and my pregnant neighbor).  I wrote to the City of Lakewood a couple weeks ago to ask if they'd consider making a sidewalk there, and I almost fell out of my chair when they called me.  The nice lady said that there is supposed to be a wide sidewalk from one corner (where I'm standing in the right-hand side of the shot) all the way to the highway (a mile or so?) as part of the agreement with the developer who is building on that land.  But, the developer isn't obligated to make the sidewalk until more homes/buildings are completed to the west.  That part was good news, but then she said it could literally be 3 more years.


The public works guy or community planner or somebody (I love) had gone out that morning (the day after they received my email) and looked around, took pics, etc.  And he thought they could put something in -- have the plow guys dig out a decent-width path, and fill it with something (she said something about recycled asphalt that I didn't understand at the time).  Anyway, THEY DID.  And they did it supah-fast!  I'm still in shock, honestly.  Of course it would be nice if it went all the way to the dog park, but as you can see in the left-hand shot, they did it up to and a little bit past where the shoulder/bike path starts, so I won't complain.  And it's really recycled asphalt - you can see parts of it that have yellow paint on them :)  So there's that.


  1. Read your whole blog, start to finish. Love it! Renee (Burns) Cooper

  2. Thanks ladies!

    Renee -- that's a lot of reading! Thanks friend :)


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