Monday, September 10, 2012

Football season is really here!

I've mentioned before that I love football (American.  Actually, I like soccer too.  But right now I'm talking about American football, OK?).  And I really love the Denver Broncos.  And yesterday was our season opener (which we WON!).  It was a fabulous game (except the part where it appeared that the entire Pittsburgh Steelers Offense was actually larger than our Defense, but I digress).

So the great part about yesterday (besides the W) was this:

yes, same shirt!
You might not be able to tell, but in the left-hand shot, I am so fat, I'm actually hot and sweaty.  Not kidding.  The entire family (hubs' side) went up to the mountains for the weekend, and I had fixed breakfast that morning.  It's also the one day I didn't wash my hair (hence the hat).  I needed to take a pic of the shirt so I could send it to my grandmother to thank her for the money for the shirt and show her what I'd bought with her birthday gift.  So to be clear:  the shirt is brand new at that point.  Not washed or dried.  I'm sucking it in as much as I can, and holding the back forward to make the front looser.  Sadly, I could have actually bought a larger size when I purchased it at the Broncos Team Store, but I was with two skinny friends and couldn't bring myself to actually purchase a 4XL.  So instead I went home with a 3XL of a shirt I loved but wouldn't really be able to wear because as soon as I washed it once (in cold, line-dried), it no longer fit.  Vanity, vanity!  All is vanity!  And when my SIL posted pics of this day on Facebook, I'm pretty sure I untagged myself because I looked so awful.  Also, I think even my hand looks fat in that shot.  Whoa.

Time passed and as you might be able to figure out, The Girl Who Cried Skinny periodically lost weight and then gained it back.  So imagine her surprise when in October of 2010, she gets to go to a Bronco game live, AND that shirt fits.  Full disclosure:  it didn't actually fit well; but it fit enough for tailgating, and then was fine under a warmer, bigger Bronco shirt by the time the game started and it got colder out. Notice what's conveniently angled out of that shot - the belleh that the shirt is clinging to, of course.  I'm certainly not sending THAT photo to my husband!

 It's basically a bright orange shirt with a big round face on top of it in all these pictures, isn't it?  *sigh*

Anyway, yesterday I wore that shirt.  I've run it through the dryer a few times to shrink it up and although it's a little loose, it felt pretty much perfect for yesterday's season opener.

And the pants?  Well, you may recall this entry where I talked about what to do about your clothes when you aren't at goalweight but ... can't go out in public with your clothes falling down, either.  So I took my own advice and went to Walmart (yeah, I'll admit I do that about 3 times a year; don't judge me.  Plus, they have a TON of inexpensive local sports team paraphernalia, so it's really the best place to look for those things).  I told my sister I tried on $7 jeans, $9 jeans, and possibly even a $4 pair.  I ended up with the $14.44 ones.  Her response:  such expensive taste you have!

I don't care - those babies are size 16!  I am seriously and actually out of 20s and 18s.  Totally!  Woo freaking hoo!


  1. To be fair, you're always adorable. But I am highly impressed by all the tactics you used to "de-big" yourself in the earlier pictures. Keep up the good work! (And be grateful I didn't say "to be fair you have to hike up the mountain, fix breakfast for the masses, and shove your hair in a hat for an equal comparison.)

    1. LOL! And I love you. And I realized how bad that shape of a hat looks on me about 30 seconds after I put it on (but hadn't taken another hat with me). It's at the Goodwill now :)

      Sad that I had a list of "de-bigging" tactics:
      Suck it in
      Straighten out shoulders, lift, and bring forward to the camera
      Hands on hips
      Hold shirt tight across back to loosen in front
      What else ...

  2. With Czukie, you are always adorable. I'd kill for your hair and dimples.

    Anyway, yea you!! I started to say that I'm proud of you, and I guess I am, but me being proud of you--anyone being proud of you-is totally irrelevant. This had to wait until you were ready to be proud of yourself. I will say that I am happy for you though.

    I've lost 25 pounds and I'm wearing the same size pants. The ones I have are huge and I walk a step, hitch em up, repeat. But I went shopping to buy new pants to celebrate, and guess what, the smaller size is too small. ??????? I guess I was a way up near the top of the stretchability limits of a 12, and now, if I go to a 10, I'm way up to the stretchability limits of a 10. I guess I'll buy 12's and take them up. I really hadn't planned on losing any more weight because when I do, I just bounce right back up to this plateau. I think this is the weight I'm suppose to be maybe. I don't know. Same with shirts. I should be a medium, but my last shirt was a L. I think that's because of styling though. People are wearing tight shirts, and I'm too old to wear tight t-shirts. Mediums fit, if I was 40, but they don't look all that great at almost 60.

    The shirt is adorable. It would be a little cuter if it was white with a big blue star on front, but whatever. ;-)

    1. Thanks, friend! Thank you for being proud of me - really :)

      And I know what you mean about the sizes! I was surprised my shirt (and bra!) size went down so quickly, but my pant size did NOT follow suit! Sure, my pants had gotten baggy, and there were some that were TOO baggy, but ... it took until that week (week 18) to actually buy a 16. And it's a Walmart 16, so it might not even be a real 16 :) And I can't wear tight shirts because I still have a jelly roll above my belly button!

      I laughed out loud at your comment on the shirt when I saw it on my phone :) You make me grin!


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