Wednesday, October 24, 2012

11 miles, on purpose

Do you remember when I accidentally walked 9.5 miles?  Well, on Saturday, I walked an 11 mile training walk in preparation for the Seattle Half Marathon.  And I just have to say ... I AM SO FLIPPING PROUD OF ME!

It was a perfect Colorado Fall day, I had a banana before I left, a LĂ„RABAR Apple Pie around mile 6, and ALL of my water.  I've been fighting some sort of cold-related thing, and was slightly concerned that I couldn't do the whole thing.

Mile 1:  I'm going to be walking for 3 hours.  Can I do this?
Mile 2:  I'm going to be walking for 3 hours.  Can I do this?
Mile 3:  This is all downhill, and not bad at all. Going home is going to suck.
Mile 4:  Text hubs to say I'm good because -- shock -- I am doing ok, although I have a faucet for a nose.
Mile 5:  Was it a good idea, or a bad idea, to spend the three miles in the middle walking around Kendrick Lake?
Mile 6:  Another lap around Kendrick Lake.
Mile 7:  Will this lap be sufficient?
Mile 8:  Headed back home. Yes, this hill sucks.  Also?  Exhaust fumes.
Mile 9:  Back in familiar territory.  I'm tired.  Will my kleenex supply last this walk?
Mile 10:  I am so close to home.  I have almost done this.  I have a blister.  I have a blister?
Mile 11:  ALMOST DONE!  OHMYWORD, I AM ALMOST DONE (so excited that my mile splits revealed I cut 45 seconds off my per-mile pace at this point)!

Other than my ankle (which has been questionable completely on its own) and my runny nose, I felt fine the next day.  A little hungry, but fine.  And THAT -- even more than walking the 11, makes me super happy.   The realization that I require almost no recovery time from 11 miles is astonishing to me.

Here's something else that made me happy recently - a note from the hubs on our kitchen dry-erase board:


  1. If there's no snow out there, I'll walk 11 miles with you! Or 8 or 6 or 10 or 13! OKay, so not sure if I could just wing it, but what I'm saying is, I'd love to walk with you! Ryan can hang in his stroller and we can catch up on 2 years of life! Wanna?

    1. P.S. I found this here blog while I was joining google+ (which I still don't really know what it is) I'm really proud of you, and, selfishly, I need the motivation to get walking again...I miss it! I like going the distance. I'm not fast, but I love to walk, walk, walk, and haven't done it in years. Thanks for chronicling your journey here! xoxox

    2. Oh Ade! You are so sweet! I would LOVE to catch up on two years of life! And I feel the same way about the snow! What about next Tuesday or Thursday (the 30th or the 1st)? I would love to meet you and Ryan somewhere! LOVE!

  2. You are awesome! To your blister comment I will say sounds like you need the special socks runners use :) maybe you already have them in which case I say stupid special socks didn't even do their job :)

    1. LOL! I don't have those special socks yet but my sis was just talking about them this weekend. I need to investigate :)


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