Saturday, November 24, 2012

'twas the night before the marathon

I've never posted from my phone before, so this is a test :)

First, I want to report that even the very last row of the plane was -mostly- comfortable at -50 lbs! (That will be pic #1 if the phone lets me post it)

Second, we have our (wicking) shirts for the race, AND IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SUNNY...ish. So yay! Because I've been training in sunny Colorado and was frankly concerned about cold rain. (And that will be pic #2)

So tonight we carb-loaded on tortellini (for my family's entertainment: tortellini! That's great; I'm excited!), go to bed, and hopefully fall immediately to sleep. And tomorrow we walk/run.

And Gramma and the little boys made signs to cheer us on :)


  1. is the girl on the right your niece? she looks so much like you! I hope the race went well!

    1. Yes, the far right girl in the pic is my oldest niece. I think she's darling, so thanks :)

      The race went well -- I'm trying to get motivated to blog about it but also get all the work done I left behind while I was gone :)


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