Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just a shortie ...

I have been composing an epic half-marathon post in my head since Thanksgiving, and I really am planning on recapping it, but today is not that day.  Tomorrow probably won't be it either.

Instead I want to just drop a note, if you will, about 2 things that surprised and delighted me yesterday and today.

People who live in urban environments won't think much of the first thing, but it's a big deal for a (mostly former) fat girl who lives in the suburbs.  I had a very long list of errands to run yesterday, and of course started them later than I intended.  Basically, I'd waited until the last possible moment (not technically, but ...) to finish my Christmas shopping and take care of some things for the house, too.  So it's dark and the hubs is working, and I'm annoyed with myself for waiting so long, and I realize I can run about 4 of my errands from one central parking space.  Is that really possible?  Park at one store and hit 4?  Why yes, yes it was.  And although it was dark out, it wasn't too cold, so I actually enjoyed walking from one store to another (in opposite directions, even!).  AND ... because I'd chosen to walk, I was able to stop and take a picture of three women together (they were taking turns taking pics with just two of them in it) and count that as one of my #26acts! (Click here if you don't know what that is)  And then I moved the car and did the same thing all over again!  I realize if I lived in New York or Zurich, I'd have walked for all my errands, but completing tons of stops with only two parking spots was for me a very big deal.  I think I walked an extra 20 or more minutes yesterday because of it!  Bonus:  no road rage, wasted gas, fighting for parking spots, either.

Thing 2:  the hubs got up REALLY early this morning and it was pretty windy, so I got up too (that's not the thing).  I decided I'd go to the gym and be amazing.  Or at least, accomplish a workout.  So I got ready and went.  Sidenote:  my gym doesn't open until 7:00 on Sundays.

Anyway, I got on the elliptical trainer (once the doors were open) and got to work.  I'd been on about 15 minutes when I realized something that almost blew my mind.  #1, I found out when the "chubby girls" go to the gym -- they go at the crack of dawn!  I'm guessing so they can hide.  But #2 is this.  I WAS THE SMALLEST GIRL IN THE GYM!

Never in my life, even when I was working out 5 days a week before I got married (not to fit into a dress, but because my fiancee lived in Chicago and I was in Denver) have I been the smallest girl in the gym.  And it only lasted for about a half hour before a stick came in, but still.  That was a shocking, amazing, mind-blowing thing.

I realize that there isn't really anything deep about this entry in and of itself, but these are milestones in my life.  I'm not the girl who would look at extra walking as enjoyable and/or fun in any way.  And I'm certainly not the "small girl" at the gym.  Well, I'm not anyway, but you know what I'm saying.

I'll be back on the blogging bandwagon shortly, folks.  Thanks for reading.  And happy holidays, from my house to yours.


  1. Merry Christmas, Ant! Small triumphs!

  2. Happy Holidays, Ant! :)

    1. Thanks, Sunne! And same to you :)

  3. Nice work, friend! The little milestones add up to great strides! So proud of you, lady!

    1. Thanks, friend! These things continue to shock me :)


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