Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Magical Transformer Underwear!

It's possible this will only entertain me, but ... well, that means at least one person thinks it's entertaining, so here you have it:  transformer underwear.

I mentioned recently that size 7 underwear looks significantly smaller straight out of the package than size 9.  Guess what?  It also looks smaller than size 10!  Turns out I'd been wearing underwear sizes 9 and 10 since I was at my highest weight.  Interestingly, of all the clothes I'd taken to the consignment shop, or the charity shop, or are sitting in a pile because I don't know what to do with them, it took me QUITE a while to need new underwear.  But evidently I'm a little slow on the uptake, because I was thinking, "these still fit me" all along. When in fact what had happened was this:

Cute little hipster underwear that used to fit like this or was at least cut to fit like this (only with a few more fat rolls than this model, plus actual hips):
Turned into granny panties like this (The Hubs calls them GPs):
So ... yes, in fact, they DO fit ... but ohmyword, they look hilarious!  What's funnier is that I don't think I even figured it out -- The Hubs noticed I'd been wearing GPs -- lots of them -- since I'd lost weight (the assumption, of course, being that once a person lost weight, they'd prefer littler, prettier undies, no?), and even then it took a while for me to figure it out.  OH. DUH.  I actually have lost weight, and continuing to wear the same underwear just means it covers more of me.  And because there's nothing wrong with them --  no rips, tears, or holes -- I hate to throw them out!

But I've tossed all the 10s (no; I am NOT donating them to a charity shop), and I'm weeding out the 9s.  And I'm wearing the new 7s that I bought, which look a lot more like the top picture on me than any underwear ever did before :)

Now, if  someone could please get rid of these piles ...
1. clothes I think I'm going to do something with 2. clothes I have no idea why are in another pile  3. clothes to go to the charity shop

1. clothes for the consignment shop for next winter  2. rag bag

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  1. Hey you! Congrats on your effort and results. If you haven't gotten rid of all your cloths, you could make a t-shirt rug (check them out on Pinterest).


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