Thursday, May 9, 2013

When you are 100 lbs overweight, the weight comes off ... quickly (relatively speaking)

When you're ... oh, 30 pounds or so overweight, not so much.  For anyone keeping track, I hit the -60 "decade" on January 5.  Monday was May 6.  4 months to the almost-day.  For the last 4 months, it seemed as if I'd never hit that -70!  Sure, for a time I was all, "I made it through Christmas and travel and all that stuff and kept losing.  I'm a stud."  And then I walked a little less because you know, January in Colorado.  And then February.  And then March.  And I did use the stationary bike in the basement, and I did walk when it was sunny (which it was, because you know, January in Colorado), but the scale wasn't moving.  Or rather, it was, but it just kept floating between 185, 183, 184, 182.5, back up to 186, 184, 182 ... you get the picture.  And I was a little discouraged, but not too.  I just thought it was taking an awful dang long time.

And then I went on the women's retreat for our church and when I got home, I had shot right through that plateau and landed at 178 (-72)!  You can guess my response.  HOLY FREAKING NO WAY COW ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  And then my second response?  Dang.  I wanted a pic of "you are down 70 pounds".  There is nothing "round" about 72.  Nothing equal.  Nothing milestone-y.  *sigh*  I really do have the most ridiculous first world problems, don't I?  Poor thing.

So ... here is the latest 10-pound pic, and all its round faced little friends.








Approx 250 lbs


  1. I totally understand that round number thing. I would be just the same, and of course you can't very well eat up back to that -70 pounds.

    Anyway, congratulations!

    And I just wanted to say that you were one of my inspirations to start doing 10000 steps a day, not to lose weight but to get into better health, so thank you ;-)

    1. I'm so glad it's not just me! That "round number thing" is so silly ... but real :)

      And THANK YOU for telling me that. I'm so proud of you -- you certainly don't need to lose weight, but I love that you are getting in better health. Yay you!

  2. Wow, Great Job and I think that you feel every bit of joy doing what you did!!! Bless you!


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