Friday, July 12, 2013

Amazing. And I'm not even talking about Kauai's beaches.

Kids, I have something amazing to tell you, and it doesn't even include this picture I took with my iPhone.  Well, it does a little.  But that's not the the point or the amazing thing.

This post is all about 2 things.  Just two.  1.  airplane bathrooms, and 2.  hotel towels.  Now watch: I'm going to get a bunch of travel industry spam.

Anyway, for number 1:
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I hadn't been on a plane post-weight-loss until the Seattle Half Marathon in November.  Since then, I think I was only on one other plane trip (for Christmas).  If you're like most people, you avoid airplane bathrooms like the plague.  I'm like most people.  So even though I'd been on 4 or so planes since losing a large chunk of my weight, I hadn't used an airplane bathroom.  Because you know, a one-foot square box just isn't fun.  But last week, my husband and I went to Kauai for the 2nd time in 22 years, and that's a long freaking flight, yo!  So I actually had to use the bathroom on the plane.  And ... OHMYWORD!  AloHA!  I fit in the bathroom!  It was still small, of course, but ... it wasn't awful.  I mean I really didn't mind it!  And in fact, I went more than once on the first flight because (were you listening?)  it wasn't awful!  Historically, I'd go if I absolutely had to, but if I thought I needed to go again and we were an hour or so from landing, I'd wait.  So here's my newest revelation:  if you are not grossly overweight, an airplane bathroom is Just. Not. That. Bad.

So that's number 1.

Here's number 2:  on Friday, July 5, at 2:28 pm Hawaii time, I experienced Nirvana.  Or something really, really close.  I WRAPPED A HOTEL TOWEL AROUND MYSELF!  Not a beach towel; an actual, normal, hotel towel. Big girls know what this means.  Small girls didn't know it wasn't normal.  Trust me; it's not normal.  Big girls spend their whole lives taking their clothes with them into any shower situation where a small girl would just wrap a towel around herself.  Rejoice with me, friends:  this was huge.

Here's the instagram feed of our trip -- I tried not to add too much spam -- just a few pretty pics.

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