Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 3: weekend

So even though I can run errands during the week now, I'm about to head out to return a bunch of stuff. This is something I seriously hate to do on Saturdays -- heck, I don't like to go to stores in general -- but I got up and got ready for book club and then realized we weren't meeting. I'm glad I checked before I went to a coffee shop and paid for coffee when I have everything I need for that right here at home, already paid for.

So why am I going to run errands? I have a handful of things to return and wanted to do them the second I realized I didn't have a job any more. So I'm off to face Saturday shopping traffic, which is pretty much guaranteed to make me stabby. But do them, I shall.

And if you're wondering about the fat blog in general, let's just say that we are big football fans, and some time in the last two years, listening to commentators, I realized that I weigh as much as some football players. Yes, American football players. It's my hope that by the time the 2010 football season comes around, I am just a fan; not a twin for some of the front linemen.

Today I am thankful for:
Sunshine, and not buying a coffee at a coffee shop when I have it at home.

Current weight:
239 lbs.

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