Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Equipment is Good: product placement

If you've exercised for any amount of time at all (or if you've tried and then stopped, partly because of "equipment"), you know it's actually helpful to have good shoes (as I discussed here).  If you're walking or running (and you're a girl, I suppose), it's helpful to have a cute running skort (as I discussed here), or at minimum, some sort of athletic pants with pockets (I've discussed my need for pockets ad nauseum; won't bore you with links).  You also need good/motivational music to get going (as I mentioned here).  Trust me; I'm the Queen of Excuses and I KNOW how hard it is to get going!  Let me tell you unequivocally that eliminating the "bad equipment" or "no equipment" excuse is helpful and will get you off the couch and out of the house sooner.

And so today I was pleased to find a new piece of equipment that I love!  Last night I went to a "favorite things" party ...

Sidebar:  a "favorite things" party is loosely based on Oprah's annual "Favorite Things" episodes.  Basically, you bring a number (we did 3) of items you love (we also put a dollar limit on it because we are not Oprah), tell your friends about them, and then take some items home.  We distributed them in traditional White Elephant fashion, but you could do it any way you want.

... and my friend Ash brought a package of headbands that she loves.  She talked about how regular headbands always slide off or slide back while you're working out (and sometimes you don't even know it!), but THESE didn't.  Well, she certainly talked about it like she knew what she was saying, so I believed her.  And I took one for a spin this morning.

Top left:  me in the headband, before walking
Top right:  the packaging (there's French text too, so it's probably even available in The Canadia!)
Bottom left:  me after 5.5 miles:  HEADBAND INTACT!  Repeat:  Headband intact!
Bottom right:  I even put my pony tail up in a skank bun just after mile 2 and the headband stayed in place!

So there you have it:  a headband that will stay on all the way to Redbox (to return a movie) and back.  On fine, thin hair, even!  Yay Ash - I love your favorite thing!


  1. I got those anti slide once frol LULU lemon once and they just pulled my hair so bad that i couldnt use them, maybe i need to try this kind!! :)

    Love K

    1. Oh man! Sounds miserable! I have a drawerful of different ones I've tried (that didn't work), so this made me really happy :)

  2. Oh yes, pants need pockets!
    For tissues (but I can deal with tissues differently if I have to), and when running during lunch time, I need a secure place to put my badge.

    1. Yes! When I walk with my neighbor, I take my phone and tissues (pockets!) and put my house key on my shoelace. When I go by myself, the hubs wants me to take ID, so ... yeah, pockets!

  3. Headbands are at king soopers and are amazing!!

    1. Thanks Ash! I'm going to get them in every color :)


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